Tastea Referral Code and Bonuses

What is the Tastea Loyalty App? 

If you purchase smithies, teas, slushies , food or whatever from Tastea you could be earning points. With the points you earn you can redeem. For every dollar you spend at Tastea you will get 3 points.

How to use Tastea App...

To use the Tastea app download the app and create an account. Once you do that you are all set. The next time you at Tastea pull out the app and press earn at checkout. 

What is a Tastea Referral Code?

When you download the Tastea app it will ask for a Tastea invite code, you can enter code DanaHia2541 to earn extra points.

Tastea App Invite Code 2021, Tastea App Sign Up Bonus 2022-2023

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