Square Cash Referral Code and Bonuses

What is Square Cash app? 

The Square Cash app is an app that allows you to easily transfer cash to friends, family or whoever you need to send money to. Whether it's a purchase from someone or just giving money the cash app is for you. It's kind of like paypal but even easier. 

How to use the Square Cash App..

To use the Square Cash app you must first download it and enter the reward code MJWBHJF to get a $10 bonus. (Note: You must make one transfer of at least $5 to get your $10 bonus) Once you have downloaded the app and signed up you know need to connect your bank account and get confirmed. Once that is done you are ready to go! 

What is the Square Cash Rewards Code?

When you download the Square Cash App it will ask for a Cash App Reward code or Referral Code, you can enter code MJWBHJF to earn a $10 Sign up Bonus.

Square Cash App Refer A Friend Program

Once you join Square Cash you can start referring your friends using your personal Square Cash Rewards Code. For each friend you refer to the Square Cash App you will earn a $10 and your friend will get a $10 Bonus. It is a win, win for both of you!

Square Cash App Rewards Code 2021-2022

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