FreePrints Referral Code and Bonuses

What is FreePrints? 

FreePrints is an app that gives you free prints of photo's each month. You can order up to 85 4x6 photos each month. With the FreePrints app you will be able to print those photos that never seem to leave your phone and take up space. 

How to use FreePrints..

FreePrints is actually very simple to use. The first step is to download the app, sign up here and get your additional 5 free prints. Once you have downloaded the app you can now get started. Just select the 85 free prints you want and have them shipped straight to you door. It is that easy!

FreePrints Refer A Friend Program

Once you join FreePrints you can start referring your friends using your personal FreePrints referral link. Simply send your link to your friends and when they get their first free prints you will both earn an additional 5 bonus prints. It is a win, win for both of you!