Mooyah Rewards Referral Code and Sign up Bonus

How to get Mooyah Rewards App..

To get the Mooyah Rewards App simply go to your app store in your smart phone or smart device app store, find the Mooyah Rewards App and download it to your smart device. Once you download the app enter Mooyah Rewards App Invite Code DanaHi434 when asked. 

How to earn Mooyah Rewards...

To earn points for your Mooyah purchase, simply click on the inbox in the app and click redeem. You'll get a 7-digit code that you can show the MOOYAH Team Member taking your order. And that is it! 

Do you love Mooyah Burgers? Did you know that Mooyah has it's own app where you can earn free food by joining the Mooyah Rewards program. 

Plus when you join Mooyah Rewards enter Mooyah Rewards Referral Code DanaHi434 to get 20 bonus points and free small hand-cut, sweet potato or half & half fries. With Mooyah Rewards you will earn 1 point per $1. Once you have earned 100 points you will get $10. 

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