Cardpool Sign Up Bonus and Referral Code 2020

What is Cardpool? 

Cardpool is a site where you can buy and sell gift cards. You can buy gift cards from 100's of retailers or sell your gift cards. Plus you can save money some sellers offer discounts for the gift cards, which means you save on your gift cards and then you can save more when you use coupons to make your purchase. If you are shopping online not only can you save on the gift card and using coupons, you can earn cashback when you go through ebates to make your purchase. Ebates is a totally free site that offers coupons and gives you cashback for your purchases at 100's of retailers. Join here to get a $10 bonus!

How to use Cardpool...

Cardpool is easy to use just join here to get your $5 bonus and start shopping. Find the gift card you want and make your purchase or sell your own gift cards.

Is Cardpool a legit site?

Yes cardpool is a legit site. I have used it myself to purchase gift cards and all have worked. I received them in my email and took them to the store. I have never had any problems, except that they were unable to scan the barcode, they instead had to type in the numbers and pin codes. I also was quick to use them, to ensure they worked. 

Cardpool Refer A Friend Program

Once you join Cardppol you can start referring your friends using your personal link for Cardpool to invite your friends. For each friend you refer to Cardpool you will earn a $5 credit and your friend will also earn a $5 credit. So you help your friends save money while you also earn free gift cards. You can't beat that.